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BB-1420-1 | Griplock Bracket Bar | USALight.com Griplock - BB-1420-1 1/4-20 Bracket Bar

Part Number: BB-1420-1

Griplock bracket bar.
1/4-20 bracket bar with 1" Stud and green ground screw

Price: $0.90
In Stock
ERICO-4G8WH T-Clip Track Clip - ERICO-4G8WH

Part Number: ERICO-4G8WH

Track clip to attach to T-Bar ceilings.

Color: White

Price: $1.70
In Stock
CC-1420 Griplock CC-1420 - Drop Ceiling Cable Coupler

Part Number: CC-1420

Griplock Ceiling coupler for flat ceiling suspension - cable coupler with 1/4-20 stud.

For use with Drop Ceilings - Grid style.

Price: $1.75
In Stock
CC-2 | Griplock Ceiling Coupler | USALight.com Griplock - CC-2 - 2-Piece Hard Ceiling Coupler

Part Number: CC-2

Ceiling Coupler for Hard Ceilings 2 Parts.

Price: $1.99
In Stock
HX-T-CLIP-BA-4-16-W | Clip Griplock Ceiling Clip - GL | USALight.com Clip Griplock Ceiling Clip - White Twist on Clip

Part Number: HX-T-CLIP-BA-4-16-W

T-bar drop ceiling clip.

Price: $2.15
In Stock
HX-T-CLIP-BA1 | Clip Griplock Ceiling Clip - GL | USALight.com Clip Griplock Ceiling Clip - Load Bearing

Part Number: HX-T-CLIP-BA1

Ceiling supported clip for 15/16" T-Bar

Price: $2.20
In Stock
G-CC-1420-TG Griplock 2-part cable Coupler w/ 1/4-20 stud & toggle nut - KIT

Part Number: G-CC-1420-TG

For use with hard lid ceiling - Drywall, plywood etc. View diagram for installation instruction.

2 part cable coupler with 1/4-20 stud and toggle nut.

Price: $3.50
In Stock